Aromatique Agave Pineapple Aroma Reeds 5 Pre-Fragranced Reeds

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Aromatique Agave Pineapple Aroma Reeds. Size: 9.5 inches. Aromatique Decorative Home Fragrances Collections. Fragrance Notes: A blend of pineapple, agave, and rosewood. Create a tropical oaisis with the enchanting aroma of Agave Pineapple. Pairing a lush fruity floral blend of pineapples and rosewood with sweet agave and jasmine, this fragrance satisifes the senses as you drift away into your favorite destination. Experience Fragrance in a whole new way with Aromatique's new Aroma Reeds that allow you to fill your room with fragrance with out lifting a finger. HOW THEY WORK: These Reeds are pre-fragranced with Aromatique's finest oils, leaving you with no work. Simply place the reeds in any type of holder and let the new fragrance technology do the work. There is no flipping, filling or lighting necessary to instantly fill your home with our wonderful fragrances. HOW TO: Adjust the level of fragrance strength through the number of sticks you place in the container. We recommend sting with 2 sticks and adjusting based on the size of the room and they type of fragrance. Indulge yourself in the newest fragrance innovation by Aromatique decorative home fragrance above the rest. Packages include 5 reeds and for use in a holder of your own or by Aromatique and sold separately.
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