Reclaimed Wood w Burlap Wall Art Rustc Beach Picture Frame 11x11

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Large Single reclaimed weathered wood frame with burlap and colored wood backboard. Holds a 4x6 inch picture. Approx. 11x11 inch outer dimensions. Each frame is CUSTOM MADE IN THE USA AND NOT MASS PRODUCED. Stands or Hangs vertically or horizontally. Front loaded picture frame with safe plexiglass secured by simple clamping system for easy picture changes. Wood types are typically weathered pine, hardwood or cedar and each frame will vary slightly from the pictures seen on the website. Wood type, degree of weathering, grain, knots, coloring and weathered "markings", slat widths, textures and overall dimensions will vary slightly as each piece of wood is different...all features that make your frame a one of a kind!. Reclaimed Wood Wall Art Signs and PIcture Frames by Beach Frames
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