Botanical Candle Vanilla Gourmet Graphique Candle

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Size: 210g / 7.4 oz. Parfum Berger 100% botanical candle, poured by hand into an elegant lacquered glass with a black interior with a very thick glass base for an interplay of transparency. An artisanally manufactured candle enrobed in a black and silver label. The scented candle graphic range comes in a pack with a modern design and an enhanced graphic with silver markings. Fragrances created by French master perfumers French, expertly measured to ensure a clean and homogeneous combustion. Natural 100% botanical and vegan wax for cleaner burning, cotton wick whose braiding is specifically adapted to the format of the candle, artisanal, ecological and sustainable manufacture, fragrances created by French master perfumers, in solid wax for a controlled and homogeneous combustion, An intense and continuous fragrance, diffusing without heat for approximately 30h. Directions for use: For harmonious burning: do not extinguish the candle until its "pool" has formed, in other words when the entire surface has become liquid. - for proper combustion: adjust the length of the wick by cutting it before each use. It must be approximately 1 cm, to preserve the candle: when it's not in use, do not expose it to temperatures that are too high. By Parfum Berger by Lampe Berger Home Fragrances Paris. - Fragrance Notes: Sweet and Rich The Vanilla Gourmet scented candle made from 100% natural wax opens with an intoxicating facet of rum, accompanied with the milky sweetness of star anise. Its sweet vanilla heart blends with the complex savour of vanilla liquor. The base is emphasised by the strength of cocoa beans and Tonka beans, subtly wrapping the fragrance in the creamy sweetness of musk. Atmosphere: A delicately sweet atmosphere, a light scent like a freshly opened vanilla pod. The Vanilla Gourmet candle will brighten up your home with a sweet and rich atmosphere. An elegant and discreet candle that is a pleasure to light up, for you, as well as the entire family.
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