Caspari Celebration Crackers 8pk July 4th Patriotic Red White Blue

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July 4th Patriotic Red White Blue Box of 8 Caspari Celebration Crackers Fun and festive filled with surprises. Size: 10 inches long each. This box includes eight individual crackers, each containing three items: one tissue paper crown, one joke, and a surprise toy trinket. Each of the cracker's two segments is wrapped in classic Caspari paper. Individuals or partners grab the ends and pull to pop open the closed section with a -Bang- and reveal the prizes inside. Before prize time, these crackers can stand up on their base and be displayed on tabletops, mantles, and more. Caspari's Celebrations Crackers are a perfect addition to any Patriotic Events, table setting, or July 4th Celebrations. Use them in your place settings, as ornaments, in baskets as party favors and more. Caspari Crackers Found, Available and in stock now at the Interior Digs N Gifts Shop Online or In store for local pick up.
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