Hand Carved Wood Panels w Wine Scenes SET of 8

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Set of 8 Hand Carved Wood Panels w Wine Scenes telling the story of the wine making process from literally farm to table. Size: 27H x 15W x 2.5D inches each. Hand Carved Wood Cabinet Doors that originally existed on a Wine Cabinet in a Wine Cellar in a Palm Beach Estate. They look great on the wall as art pieces either in a grouping telling their story or each individually on their own. Great pieces for wine themed bar or restuarant design, studio, stage, theatre, or set designer. Truly a unique backdrop - interior showcase for a wine or vineyard production or wine cellar scene! Please note: Actual Shipping Charges will be calcualted and applied prior to shipping and processing final credit card charges. Free Shipping at check out will not be honored. Sale is Final and non refundable once shipped.
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