Christopher Radko Santa Leaves The Light On Ornament

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Santa Leaves The Light On Christopher Radko Christmas Ornament. Size: 7x3.5x4.5 Inches. Santa isn't keen on the idea of anyone feeling alone or in the dark. He has his trusty lantern to guide you safely home for the holidays. Never mind the time of night, Santa's light is always on. Exquisite workmanship, handcrafted details, are the hallmark of all Christopher Radko creations, bringing warmth, color and sparkle into your home. Each Radko Ornament is new and comes with its original Radko signature charm attached to Radkos Signature Gold Wire Crown. Radko Ornaments are more than just an ornament, a Christopher Radko ornament is a work of heart! Christopher Radko Christmas Ornaments Fine European Glass Ornaments, Giftware, Radko Christmas Decorations and Radko Christmas Home Decor. Found, Available and in stock now at the Digs N Gifts Christmas Store Online or In store for local pick up.

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