Spicy Apple Limited Edition Botanical Candle 12x7x9

Article number: BOL-AP15
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Size in inches: 12L x 7W x 9H, 300 hour burn time. Spicy Apple is the fragrance of an apple pie cooling on a windowsill, a crisp apple freshly picked from a fall orchard, a warm mug of spicy apple cider. It’s an all-American favorite, and hands down our best-seller. Fresh, juicy and crisp Macintosh apple mingles with a spicy blend of cardamom seed, ground nutmeg, fresh cinnamon and clove bud. Sweet tonka bean, vanilla extract and forest balsam softly chime in, but the stars in this scent are apple and cinnamon. Made with: apple slices, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, rosehips, essential and high quality fragrance oils, proprietary wax blend, cotton wick. Rosy Rings Botanical Candles Collection.
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