Glistening Glass Mosaics

Glistening Glass Mosaics by Susan Nana Casbarro

Glistening Glass Mosaics by Susan Nanna Casbarro. Handmade Mosaic Art catching moments in time. Each piece is handcrafted and one of kind and made in the USA. 


Glistening Glass Mosaic Art by Susan Nana Casbarro
'Mosaics offer the ability to catch a moment in time.  Marriage, children, nieces, nephews, all create a reason for mosaics. One of my daughters spent a year in Southeast Asia.  Upon her return to the US, we created a mosaic detailing some highlights from her experiences.  Another daughter gifted us with a grandchild.  A mosaic in the form of “Sophie” the giraffe was created, which led to fish and elephant themed mosaics for a “grand” niece and nephew.  There’s even a mosaic depicting my sister’s new home, a rental property in Ficulle, Italy. "          Susan Nanna Casbarro