Annaleece by DeVries

Annaleece Crystal JewelryAnnaleece by DeVries Crystal Jewelry

High Quality Fashion Jewelry using Swarovski® crystals.

The most integral aspect of Annaleece high-quality fashion jewelry collection is the use of Swarovski crystal. Swarovski crystal is essentially glass containing 32% lead content. The addition of lead to glass creates a strong material able to be facet-cut while embracing a deep spectrum of color. Swarovski the industry leader of sharp-cut crystal production, giving the crystal additional brilliance and a diamond-like sparkle.

Every item is cast of pewter, a light and wearable base metal. Components are made of brass for strength. All cast products are hand-polished prior to plating to ensure surfaces are free from defects. Holes are then hand-drilled corresponding with the crystal size to ensure a perfect fit. All items are then electro flash plated with various degrees of gold and or rhodium (a member of the platinum family), and are 100% nickel free. This process is fully automated to maintain a standard finish. Rhodium is utilized rather than sterling silver as it is a stronger metal and will not tarnish.
The final process in the creation of Annaleece jewelry is the most labor-intensive and requires skilled patience as each Swarovski crystal is set by hand. Finally, all products receive a final quality inspection at the manufacturer and again at the distribution point to ensure our customer the best possible product.