Customer Support

Please Email Us by using the Contact Us form on this page. This is the best way.

You may also call us and leave a message toll free at 1.800.976-3447, we typically respond the same day or next business day. We do not typically answer...why because honestly the spam calls are out of control unfortunately and we refuse to increase the prices of items to pay help to answer spam calls all day. We will get back to you.

  • If it is regarding an order please make sure to include your Order number and Name on the order. again the best way is by using the Contact Us form on this page.


Product Inquires: If its an item your seeking or inquiring about please have the Item number / Article number.

For item inquire's you may type the item number you are seeking into the Search box, search by Brand, or any term really related to the item you seek. This is the same way we find the item for you. If an item does not show up we most likely don't have it. All our items show stock availability and if its a special order item it will indicate that on the product listing.


Returns / RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization): Go to your original order by logging into your account clicking My account/ Register (also found in the top right-hand side of the screen) If your order was placed as guests, you will have to register with the same email address to convert your guest account into a customer account. Log in and you will be able to view any past orders by clicking My orders and then View and the order will come up. In lower right corner select Return Item(s) and fill out the required fields.

For complete return details and policies see the Shipping & Returns page.

1 FAQs Typically Asked Questions
1.1 What Is The Best Way To Contact Digs N Gifts?

Best way it reach out to by using the " Contact Us " section on the Customer Support page. 

1.2 When Will My Item Ship?

ASAP. Typically the same or next business day!

1.3 How do I Inquire if an item is available in stock & quantities you have available?

If it's a product on our site it is typically available and in stock with quantities available under the items price. 

If you are inquiring about an new item or specific item by say for an example by an artist, designer or brand, simply enter the item number, item name, or a basic description into the search field. on a computer it is located in the upper right, on your phone it will come up on the left after clicking on the 3 bars or lines for the drop down menu.

You can also look under Brands by clicking Brands on the top menu bar. All available items for that brand will be listed.

Again If its not on our site its not we do not have it. You can call us but we don't recommend that and will tell you to check on the website, We typically do not answer the phone and are horrible at returning calls especially during the holidays the best route by using " Contact Us " section on Customer Support page.

1.4 Can I Place An Order By Phone?

- Unfortunately all orders need to go through the our website. There are a multitude of reasons for this the bottom line it's for your own safety and protection against fraud. Our payment system is state of the art, secure SSL system, and designed to protect our customers from others using and getting your information. 

- Just FYI your credit card info does not get stored with us, in our system, or on our site ever! 

- If you are having a problem checking out on the site, realize it happens from time to time, there may be maintenance going on or internet issue, try back again a little later, check that none of the info fields are highlighted and all the info required is in, check your card information, or try an addition card, it only takes a minor mistake in the info from the name on the card to the expiration date or cvc code.