Customer support

Email us using the Contact Us form on this page. This is the best way. You may also call us and leave a message toll free at 1.800.976-3447, we typically respond the same day or next business day. We do not typically answer..why because honestly the spam calls are out of control unfortunately and we refuse to increase the prices of items to pay help to answer spam calls all day. We will get back to you. 

Please make sure to include your order number when available and name on the order.

Likewise, if its an item your seeking or inquiring about please have the item number.

For item inquire's you may type the item number you are seeking into the search box, search by brand, or any term really related to the item you seek. This is the same way we find the item for you. If an item does not show up we most likely don't have it. All our items show stock availability and if its a special order item it will indicate that on the product listing.