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Christmas Stores in Fort Lauderdale Digs N Gifts On Stop Holiday Decorations ShoppingYour One Stop Christmas Shop! Welcome to the Christmas Store at Digs n Gifts in Fort Lauderdale By The Sea, Florida … featuring Christmas Decorations, Christmas Lights, Trees, Christmas Tree Ornaments, Snow Globes, Wreaths, Christmas Garlands, Greetings Cards, Christmas Party Paper Goods including Christmas Napkins, Plates, Table Runners and Covers to Gifts and More. The Digs N Gifts Christmas Stores Feature a variety of Themed Christmas Decor such as Coastal Christmas Decor Galore to traditional Themes and Rich Color-ways. A Christmas forest of Christmas Florals and Silks, Christmas Picks, Pine Branches, Glittered Edged Poinsettias leaves to decorative Christmas Trees Christmas Tree lights and ceramic Christmas table top decorations more perfect finishing touches for a bountiful Christmas dinner table centerpiece, entry table, fireplace mantel or just about anywhere you want that touch of Christmas Warmth. Shop and Find Christmas trees in a variety of sizes from Table Top Christmas Trees to mini Christmas Trees, Christmas Wreaths, Merry Christmas Linens Hand Towels Christmas Table Runners, festive Christmas Fragranced candles including the Famous Must Have... Thymes Frasier Fir Candles Diffusers along Aromatiques Decorative Potpourris as well a huge selection of Holiday Christmas paper goods, paper napkins, dinner, dessert, salad plates and more. All in styles ranging from stylish and elegant to humorous and fun. 

Christmas Designers At The Christmas Store Digs-N-Gifts Christmas Shop Fort Lauderdale Florida. Mark Roberts SantaLooking for Unique Beautiful Collectible and one of kind Christmas Ornaments? We feature them from Designers such as Christopher Radko, Kurt Adler, Mark Roberts, and Karen Didion just to name a few. We feature an enormous collection of Coastal Beach and Florida themed Christmas Ornaments Decorations lights and more. 

Christmas Cards and Christmas party goods from napkins plates and tablewares to Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Garlands, Ornaments, to Silks, Christmas Flowers and Floral Decor, Ribbons and Trims , and did we say Christmas Decorations Galore! Find Christmas Trees, Pre-Lit Trees, Miniature Trees, Holiday Wreaths, Christmas Decorations and Ornaments from Kurt Adler, Mark Roberts Fairies, Karen Didion Collection, and Holiday Paper Goods Paper Products Napkins and Paper Plates from Caspari Christmas and Papyrus Christmas. 

Shop and Find Christmas Ornaments for Christmas and Holiday Decor projects in a variety of themes for any event, party, festivity or decorating project for the holidays. We also feature large display decorations and oversize decor items, luxurious full thick garlands, perfect for larger homes, condiminum lobby, condo lobbies and offices or just about anywhere you want something BIG or to Make a Big Christmas Cheer Statement! You have probly seen many of our items in your tours thorugh the famous Parade of Homes, HGTV magazine, Hard Rock Boat Parades and more. 

Christmas Tree Toppers at The Christmas Store at Digs N Gifts, Fort Lauderdale FloridaIf you are in search of that perfect Star Tree Topper? You will find here it at the Digs N Gifts Christmas Store Shop Now We have them from large to small, pre lit, non lit, in metal, fabric beaded, animated and even rotating disco ball star toppers. And we carry old world finial styles as well from Christopher Radko and Kurt Adler Christmas. We are also king of Christmas Nutcrackers in all sizes shapes and forms. 

So have fun this Christmas and Happy shopping at The Digs-N-Gifts Christmas store in Fort Lauderdale by the Sea and Merry Christmas from all us to you and yours.