KNOX Angel Chimes And Bells Light-Bell Pyramid With 4 Candles

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KNOX Christmas Angel Chimes And Bells Light-Bell Pyramid With 4 Candles. Size: 8.5-10 inches. This angel chime will add an elegant touch to your holiday decor. The gold chimes decorated with stars and topped with an angel is accompanied by 4 candles standing in a gold base.

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How it works...The heat of the supplied 4 candles floats up through the rotary wing where from the rotary blades hang angels, when they rotate they touch the bells and leave a delicate Christmas chiming sound recalling wonderful memories of the Christmas season. Important: Place the pyramid always on a solid surface. Never leave the candle unattended. Always keep sufficient distance from flammable objects. Avoid drafts. Caution, the chime is made ​​of metal and can be hot.

Personally love this reminds me of childhood with my grandmother at Christmas she always had one of these going when we would be opening presents under the tree and enjoying Christmas festivities. I do have to say though the first go around setting it up was tricky (only because I am stubborn and didn't look at the simple instructions) next time I'll have it down pat. Also this is a simple, meaning inexpensive, constructed item using light metal pieces, seemed flimsy going together although once all assemble it really is a decent piece for the price. Just being honest here and believe in telling it like it is with the items we sell and honesty being the best policy. Anyway I find it to be one of the less expensive holiday items I cherished both as a kid and still as an adult and now share with our kids!

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