Animated Talking and Singing Reindeer LIfesize 53Lx60H

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Plush Animated Talking Reindeer from HANSA Toys. Originally created exclusively for European collectors, HANSA's life like reproductions are handcrafted by artists from portraits of real animals in their natural habitat. Watch Trevor the Talking Deer, This full sized 60" rideable plush deer will catch you by surprise when he comes to life and begins to speak. He not only talks, but also sings some of your favorite tunes. This deer can support the weight of most children and average-sized adults. He is programmable to say and sing just about anything. Reindeer's coat is meticulously hand-cut and trimmed. Reindeer's "coat" is meticulously hand-cut and trimmed. Lightweight, structural steel frame. No assembly required.

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