Toadfish Outfitters

Frogmore™ Shrimp Cleaner by Toadfish OutfittersToadfish Outfitters makers the Famous Frogmore™ Shrimp Cleaner and of lifestyle products with a distinctly coastal attitude. TOADFISH is an eco-active manufacturer and retailer of coastal-lifestyle products who design quality products from recycled materials and donate a portion of all revenues to preserving coastal habitats throughout the East and Gulf coasts. For every product sold, Toadfish plants 10 sq. feet of oyster-reef habitat and as of today has planted over 2,552 sq. ft.!


The coast is more than a place. For Toadfish Outfitters it’s a connection point—where water connects to land, humanity with nature, friends with friends. It’s where we form our communities and together with nature, work, play, and thrive. They wanted to do something to give back, something big, so they built a company that preserves our coasts and lifestyles the best they know how–by enhancing the coastal experience. 

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