Kurt Adler Champagne Gold Diamond Glitter Reindeer Jumping Up Ornament

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Champagne Gold Diamond Glitter Reindeer Jumping Up Ornament. Size: 7 inches. Champagne Gold Diamond Glittered Reindeer Ornament. Ornament is embellished with Champagne gold and silver glitter which gives the ornament a diamond-like sparkle. One of our favorites every year. They sparkle they glitter, are a decent size and look great on the tree and can double as package ties or hang on bottle of wine. The work anywhere, even hanging on their own from lamp or window.

By Kurt Adler featuring Reindeer Deer and Champagne Gold Themed Christmas Decorations and Holiday Decor Found Available now at the Digs-N-Gifts Christmas Store Shop Online or In-store for local pickup.

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