Cow Parade Hot Dog Cow 9158 Retired CowParade Collectible Figurine

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Cow Parade Hot Dog Cow 9158 Retired CowParade Collectible Figurine. This replica figurine is an exact replica of the life-sized cow from one of the CowParade public art exhibits that have been held in cities such as Chicago, Boston, New York as well as European cities such as London, Paris, Ireland and more. From these cities hundreds of city artist both acclaimed and inspiring have participated in individually painting a cow for a CowParade exhibit. The life-sized cows are often auctioned off with a substantial portion of the proceeds going to local charities.

  • Item No. 9158
  • Approximate Size: 7W x 2W x 3.5H inches.
  • Composition: Ceramic.
  • Packaging: Original Box. (Definition of Original Box means it's the box from say 2005 and is only perfect in its imperfections with all its dings bumps scratches stains fading and so forth)
  • ® and © 2005 CowParade Holdings Corporation
  • Licensee: Westland Giftware.
  • Made In China.

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