Waxing Poetic® Jewelry Gravitas Necklace Sterling Silver-Smoky Quartz

Article number: GRAV5SS-SMK
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Size: 30 inch Necklace w1..375 inches Pendant. Sterling Silver and Smoky Quartz. This understated dazzler has the power to enchant both wearer and beholder. From a 30 inch sterling silver rolo chain swings an elongated pyramid pendant cut from Smoky Quartz, held by a bezel crafted of very geometric sterling silver linework. And then, there is the less than obvious – a message, in tiny words, etched into the bezel - LOVE SWAYS THEM ALL. Let this necklace sway you, or someone whom you would like to sway or sway with! By Waxing Poetic handcrafted womens jewelry celebrating the rich journey of life with keepsake charms, pendants, bracelets, chains, necklaces, and more.
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