Waxing Poetic® Jewelry Gravitas Ring Size 7 w Love Sways All

Article number: GRAV10SS-SMK-7
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Size: .5625 inches. Sometimes you want a showstopper ring, a dazzler. A beautiful Smoky Quartz stone sits in a deceptively simple sterling silver setting, and that in itself is enough: elegant, understated, intriguing….but what’s the fun in that - We had to do something amusing, without undermining the allure, and so - what better than a secret message, just for the wearer – LOVE SWAYS US ALL – fitting for everyone, but viewable to a select few. Sterling Silver and Smoky Quartz. By Waxing Poetic handcrafted womens jewelry celebrating the rich journey of life with keepsake charms, pendants, bracelets, chains, necklaces, and more.
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