Karen Didion Halloween Priscilla Peacock Witch

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Karen Didion Halloween Priscilla Peacock Witch. Karen Didion Originals, Halloween Collection "Priscilla" Peacock Witch is a luxurious addition to any Halloween display. The quality is unmatched with this decorative piece’s superior velvet attire, and ornate accessories. With her unique appearance, festive embellishments, and classic design; this piece is sure to add character and style to any home.

  • Size: 16"W x 10"D x 32"H
  • Each of Karen’s personal designs within her Halloween collection are hand designed by Karen herself.
  • Each piece comes with its own sewn in collector’s tag as well as a miniature artist profile on the back of each figurine.
    Many exquisite and unique fabrics are used to make each item’s clothing such as imported tapestry, velvet, jacquard knit, satin, velour, suede and leather. Novelty prints and designer buttons set off the vests and coats. Faux fur, embroidery, unusual braid and tassels are used as trims.
  • Each collectible in this line is reproduced with the highest quality and attention and are all personally examined and approved by a Didion before being placed in the home of one of our beloved collectors.

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