Kimono Rose Home Fragrance Mist 3 Oz

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Thymes Kimono Rose Home Fragrance Mist. Size: 3 oz. Fragrance Notes: Satiny rose. Sensuous peony. Rich jasmine. Effervescent clementine. Voluptuous black currant. Silken vanilla. With each soft and floral spritz of the Kimono Rose room spray, your space is wrapped in a delicate, feminine aroma that blooms a sensuous floral bouquet throughout the room.

Each Thymes Home Fragrance Mist is carefully crafted to bring forth aromatic fragrance, helping to create a world of possibility in any environment. Find Thymes Bath And Body Home Fragrance Room Mist Collections available and in stock now at the Digs N Gifts Candle Store Shop Online now or In store for local pick up.

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