Isle Of Gramarye Sylvus Fairy by Robert Glover

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Size: 4.25 inches. Sylvus Fairy Figurine. Legends of King Arthur have inspired this magical collection. It is said in England that Arthur will return to lead his country in the hour of its greatest peril. These Reverie figurines are the spirits of English trees. Each tree spirit caries a token of power that will aid King Arthur when he returns. Sculpted in a mixture of resin and crushed marble, their wings have been fashioned from English pewter and hand enameled in rainbows of transparent colors. The Isle of Gramarye. By Artist Robert Glover. Made in England. Artistry and quality are the hallmarks of Isle of Gramarye products. Each keepsake box is hand-moulded and hand painted entirely in the United Kingdom, created by skilled craftspeople. Each item includes a tiny parchment telling the story of its name. All Isle of Gramarye items are retired with limited availability as they are beautiful line from the UK that has closed its doors.
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