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Maison Berger Paris | Lampe Berger a unique place of creation and inspiration where French passion for the arts and home fragrances reigns. 


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Over 100 Years of History. Lampe Berger designed in 1898 to purify the air in hospitals, the small catalytic lamp quickly became very popular with the public. Redesigned by famous designers, embraced by leading figures from the art community Coco Chanel, Picasso, Colette and Jean Cocteau, it was then fitted with a perfuming function and gradually became a style icon, appreciated for its sleek design and its delicate fragrances.

The Lampe Berger fragrance lamps are a functional and attractive accessory which has spanned the years, purifying indoor air and adding an elegant or contemporary touch to every home. In view of this popularity, Lampe Berger’s successors decided to continue to embellish indoor air and developed new home fragrance items under the new brand name Maison Berger Paris including candles, diffusers, room sprays, perfumes, and even car diffusers air fresheners.

Maison Berger Paris uses its expertise to strengthen your well-being, by taking care of indoor air. The products in the collections aim at pleasing both the body and mind.with its entire scope of its exceptional know-how and implements highly specialized technical solutions. The Lampe Berger, the brand’s flagship product, is known for its purifying action (by destroying malodorous molecules), which it combines with an intense fragrancing quality. 

In the anti-odor collection, their scented bouquets inhibit bad smells. There again, Maison Berger Paris uses cutting-edge and specialised processes for the benefit of its users. In keeping with its identity as a fragrance creator, Maison Berger Paris has also created the Aroma range, with aromatherapy virtues with a variety including essential oils, which have positive effects on the emotions with the product design as natural as possible. 

The rich and varied collection, based on exceptional fragrances, is a real tribute to French tradition and know-how. Master perfumers based in Grasse (South of France). Maison Berger | Lampe Berger Paris endlessly pursues its quest for excellence and adds a touch of poetry to home fragrances.