Maison Berger Car Diffuser Kit Vent Clip w Scent Aroma Energy

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Maison Berger Car Diffuser Kit Vent Clip w Scent Aroma Energy. Car Vent Clip with Scent: Aroma Energy. Scent notes: Inspired by aromachology, the Aroma collection draws on the power of essential oils to enhance moods and emotional well-being. Aroma Energy is a sparkling, zesty fragrance with uplifting notes of grapefruit, orange, and musk. Freshen stale car air with the Maison Berger car diffuser collection. The starter kit includes a metallic car diffuser with a plastic clip to help affix onto an air vent plus a scented ceramic tablet. Diffusion time is 4 weeks. Rechargeable with ceramic refills, sold separately. Size: 3.1 x 2 x 0.8 inches. An original and high-quality metallic car diffuser with integrated rechargeable ceramic that can be easily attached with its clip on the air vents of most vehicles. An innovative object to perfume one's environment. Fragrances are developed in France by master perfumers by Maison Berger from the family of Lampe Berger Fragrances Paris, France.

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