Maison Berger Mist Diffuser Fragrance 475ml Refill Amber Powder

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Amber Powder Fragrance Mist Diffusers Refill for Maison Berger Mist Diffusers. Size: 475 ml, 16 oz. Mist Diffuser Fragrances are strictly for the use with The Maison Berger Mist Diffusers. The fragrance formula does not work on third-party mist diffusers. We are not responsible for any damages caused due to mis-use of product. Ready-to-use solution enriched with the right dose of essential oils, without risk of under or over dosage. Limits scaling and fouling. By Maison Berger Paris France Ultrsonic Mst Diffuser Fragrances available and in stock now at the Interior Digs N Gifts Shop Online or In store for local pick up.
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